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Unwritten Rules:

Real Strategies to Parent Your Child Into a Successful Adult

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Parenthood means preparation. From the moment most of us find out we’re going to be parents, we do the research:

  • What to eat when you’re expecting.
  • Does it make my baby smarter if he listens to Mozart while my wife is pregnant?
  • Will the color of my baby’s nursery affect her temperament?

We want to give our kids the best chance of success in life. That’s why we spend hours on the internet, our noses in books and seemingly endless visits to the doctor to get it right.

“If only there were a guidebook for being a parent!” we lament. An IKEA bookshelf comes with a set of instructions. But we start out as parents with little more than our instincts and a genuine desire to be good parents.

Most parents speak about their desire for their kids to be “successful.” In the short term, this means something different to most parents. For example, it could mean successfully thriving in academic, social, athletic, or artistic arenas. For many, all of the above.

In the long term, parents focus on these things because they are all similar in what they want in the long term for their children: Material wealth and happiness. And parents believe that success in the academic and other areas noted above is an essential first step to achieving the goal of material wealth.

But what if there was something more to being a success? How do we prepare our kids for resilience? How do we instill in them the skills to adapt? Is there an agility gene? If there is, how do we recognize and cultivate it?

The most successful and happy adults are ultimately the ones who have developed the skills to be adaptive and independent. They are able to control and understand their emotions, align their behaviors with how they feel, and operate freely in many different environments without having to change the core of who they are.

In this book I tell fictional stories that are similar to those I’ve heard from many parents over the years. They are not shocking, but have potentially severe consequences. The attitude that parents have in how they are going to address these situations has a direct impact in how well they are preparing their children for an independent and adaptive adulthood.

You’ve already done so much for your children. Download Unwritten Rules: Real Strategies to Parent Your Child to Success using the link below and get ready to take yourself (and your children) to the next level.

To your success!

About the Author:

Adam Russo has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 15 years as well as having experience in various capacities in the mental health field for over 20 years.

He obtained his first experience in the mental health field by volunteering at Bellevue Hospital in New York City while in high school. How mental illness affected the many individuals he saw there was profound. Since then, he always had an interest in improving the mental health of others.

Adam earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and his Masters of Social Work from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

He has been an early intervention and prevention youth outreach worker where his role was to perform home and school visits to adolescents at risk of being involved in gangs, drug dealing, and violence.

Adam had since became a therapist in a residential placement setting for children who were in the system of the Department of Children and Family Services. The children in this setting had extremely severe emotional and behavior issues to the point that they were not able to live in a community setting and required placement in a facility that was equipped to manage their illness and behavior.

After being promoted on three separate occasions, Adam eventually started his own, outpatient, mental health center in 2006, Edgewood Clinical Services. Adam is currently the Chairman and CEO of the company. Edgewood Clinical Services currently has three locations, employs over 60 people, and provides the full range of outpatient mental care.

He was a featured speaker at TEDx Naperville with a presentation topic of: We Must Teach Kids to Fail.